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Victorian Gold Snake Necklace


Availability:1 in stock

Availability:1 in stock

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Unique Victorian 18 karat yellow gold snake necklace, ca. 1870. The flexible curved scales on four sides of this necklace which graduate from the tail to the head in a truly realistic manner show the amazing craftsmanship of this era. Finishing in an extremely detailed engraved snake head, which is set with a pink foil-back pear-shape Quartz and 2 emeralds as eyes, this necklace is a true masterpiece. 2 gold and flexible links connect a beautiful engraved golden heart, also set with a pink foil-back Quartz oval, to the mouth of the snake.This necklace comes in it’s original fitted box. Snake jewelry regained its popularity under Queen Victoria, who upon her engagement to Prince Albert, received a snake ring. In this era the snake symbolized eternal love, which in this necklace is accentuated by the heart coming out of the snakes mouth. The entire necklace, from tail to tip of the heart measures 17.5 inches. The wearable length is 15.75 inches as the closure is on the side, half way up the snake’s head. The head measures approximately 2 inches long from neck to the tip of it’s mouth and approximately 0.85 inches at it’s widest part. The heart pendant measures approximately 1 inch in length and 0.8 inches in width.


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