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The Harlequin (Harlekin) Pendant

The Harlequin (Harlekin) Pendant


Availability:1 in stock

Availability:1 in stock


The Harlequin (or in German, “Harlekin”) pendant is Rive Gauche Jewelry’s first original creation, made of diamonds and sapphires, mounted in an 18-Karat yellow and white gold setting, complete with yellow gold link chain.

True to the pantomime’s acrobatic playfulness, the pendant’s arms and legs are independently flexible from its body: Its handcrafted gold limbs, set with white round brilliant cut diamonds, protrude from its shoulders and torso, which are embellished with 14 electric blue round faceted sapphires. The harlequin’s head is a bezel-set perfectly cut round deep blue cabochon sapphire, and his feet are set in the same manner, made of equally matched oval cabochon sapphires. Above his head lies a diamond-encrusted triangular hat and below it a charming, gold bowtie, both set with white round brilliant cut diamonds.

The diamonds and sapphires used in this piece have been handpicked and meticulously matched to bring a harmonious appearance to this mysterious little being, constructed by one of New York’s finest bench jewelers. The play of yellow and white gold, of diamonds and sapphires, makes this timeless necklace a paradigm of “happy jewelry.”

-55 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.88cts

-17 Sapphires weighing 8.60cts

-pendant: 2”long

-Chain; 30”long

-Stamped RG, 750

-Numbered 001

-27.9 grams with chain

-17.9 dwt without chain