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Fine Platinum Diamond Bombe Ear Clips, Ca. 1960

Fine Platinum Diamond Bombe Ear Clips, Ca. 1960


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Availability:1 in stock


Extremely fine pair of platinum diamond bombe ear clips, ca. 1960, set with white clean brilliant cut diamonds. These hand crafted ear clips display the finest workmanship in setting and finish, having just the right curvature to create an incredible sparkle and brilliance on the ear. Each diamond has been picked with the same quality of color, clarity, cut and pave set so close to each other as to have the appearance of a wave of white. These elegance ear clips are sure to draw the attention of any eye around them.

– Length 1”

– Width 0.75”

– Height 0.5”

– 30.1 grams together

– 19.4 dwt together