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Blue Topaz Diamond Platinum Earrings

Blue Zircon Diamond Platinum Earrings


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Availability:1 in stock


A pair of electric sky-blue cushion cut topaz set in a fine, handcrafted front and back micro-pave diamond setting. The classic cushion cut has been around for 200 years and returns the light in a chunkier pattern than a modern round brilliant cut, creating its distinct and prized look. The Zircon weight approximately 6cts and swing freely from a diamond pave front end, continental back. The contemporary hand crafted settings are additionally set with round brilliant cut diamonds in the back, to add sparkle even from the back view with altogether 110 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.60cts.

– 2 cushion cut blue zircon weighing approx. 6cts

– 110 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approx. 1.10cts total

– 1” long x 3/8” wide

– Stamped PT 950

– 3.4 grams each

– 2.1 dwt each