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Summer Glam

The seemingly never-ending conveyor of Cannes Red Carpets has come to an end, and with it, another season izmit escort & kocaeli escort of jewelry trends unfolds. The old glamour of diamonds pouring down the ears and necks of our stars seems to be back in fashion, at least for now.

In recent years we’ve seen a sharp turn towards colored stones, especially yellow and blue sapphires, but this red carpet season we’ve seen more frost on Hollywood’s faves than in NYC all winter. Does this have anything to do with Rihanna x Chopard? Gaga x Tiffany? Probably. The jewelry industry has long ignored pop culture as a whole and survived on status alone, but with the newer generations of spenders being a bit more conscious of where their money goes, it only makes sense that it’s time for us to turn a corner.

Rihanna in Chopard

The millennial obsession with healthsavy.com minimalism is closing in on us, but with it come a much needed focus on quality, although size still does matter.

Is it time to go back to basics? And by basics, I mean hundred thousand dollar diamond necklaces that make us look like the ice queens we aspire to be. With the emergence of a harder aesthetic on this past season’s runways (did I hear someone say pantsuits?) mixing with a brighter palate and hyper-feminine details, it only makes sense that the world would need us to bring the color down a notch and stick with the classics with jewelry. Sometimes the biggest statement that needs to be make is the one that is least colorful.

But don’t worry, we haven’t turned into minimalists on you, we’re still all for Harlequins and quirky brooches, but maybe just take a softer approach with all those colored stones.