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We know that finding that ideal piece of jewelry for your special someone can be challenging, but why not make it your own with a custom jewelry NYC design that you and your significant other will love. Contact us for more information about our custom selection.


At Rive Gauche we are dedicated to quality, market competitive prices, great service and ensuring that all our customers remain happy and are satisfied at the end of our project. We have been servicing and been loyal to our New York clients for several years, and we exude trust and reliability that cannot be denied.

The benefits of using custom jewelry NYC

Custom designed jewelry has a form of sentimental value fueled into it because first and foremost they are made with purpose and driven by an emotional attachment which makes them thoroughly special in every way.

  • Express your inner artistic nature – custom jewelry gives you a chance to express your unique design for the piece to be made.
  • Close work with clients – a good custom jeweler will work closely with the client in order to get all details from the word go. Enabling any changes required to be made early, and everything else put in place.
  • Make it your own – often there are only limited designs that take your interest but with custom making your design you no longer have to choose one of the few, you can simply make it your own from scratch.
  • Unique – your piece of jewelry is unique in its own way and it is one of a kind.
  • Your budget, your way – while it’s great to purchase jewelry from the shelf, doing it with custom designs can help you manage your budget even more by having something made suited to your budget.
  • Excellent value – while off-the-shelf jewelry appeals to a wide market, having designed your own will be more valuable given the choice of materials used, giving you more value for your money and a better investment.

Working side-by-side with a professional jewelry designer helps you to be able to express your own talent and gives you the freedom of being involved in the entire design process.

While our team of skilled designers isable to help you to select the ideal jewelry suited to all your initial needs, you can be certain that you can wear it with pride. When custom-making your jewelry, you’re able to express your unique design aspects for our designer to fulfill, and at the end of the day, you’ll be able to cherish your custom jewelry with pride.

Custom Jewelry NYC for Couples

Custom jewelry for couples brings with it an excellent opportunity to be able to share something special with your significant other. These can include special engravings on the inside of the bands or a design that shares similarities.

No matter the occasion and for whom the initial piece is intended, you can be sure that you’re getting quality materials from precious stones to metals. We are certified jewelers and maintain all protocols and fair business practices.

If you’re looking to be unique and have something tailor-made just for you or your loved one, then simply contact us at Rive Gauche and let our custom jewelry NYC designers assist you today!